Prayer Force

Thursday, April 2, 2020

“So we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer” (Ezra 8:23).

Strategic intercession is a key component of this battle. A mighty “prayer force” in the prayers of intercessors together with boots on the ground efforts to combat the strategies of the enemy.

We will never forget a particular night in Kinshasa, Zaire, during one of our African outreaches. The needs were massive. Multitudes were coming every night to hear the gospel. Our team consisted of four Americans, including the two of us, and a handful of African pastors. We were already stretched to the maximum of our capacity when Mahesh came down with malaria. It hit him hard and fast. Within a few hours he was bedridden with fever and in need of intervention to save his life—but we had none.

At home we had a small group of committed praying supporters who came together every week to worship and to pray for us and the mission. They had a history of prayer with God. They had been trained in corporate prayer together and added to their arsenal with regular periods of fasting. We needed their prayers more than ever, but from our remote location we had no telephone connection by which to communicate our situation to anyone. Bonnie prayed the Lord would break through with His miracles and crawled into bed exhausted. She was awakened from sleep by audible voices. As she opened her eyes in the darkness, she recognized several familiar voices. It was the voices of particular persons in that group of intercessors. As if they were right there in the room, marching up and down, the air was filled with their ardent prayer for us in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit had alerted our prayer force!
When the time came and we needed reinforcements, they were prepared. They had gathered in spiritual battle formation and were providing effective “air cover” against the attack on Mahesh’s life. There was literally no distance in the realm of the Spirit, and we were not alone in the battle. They broke through for our victory. Within hours, Mahesh awoke on the mend and was back preaching by evening. Thousands responded to the message of salvation that night. The fruit of that campaign continues. We still meet persons in various nations whose lives were transformed that night and the nights after. Many of whom are preaching the gospel and establishing churches in many places today.

Turning to the situation at hand, we need a mighty “prayer force” engaged against the wide array of challenges we face as a nation during the coronavirus crisis. The atomic power of corporate fasting and prayer knocks out the strong men and paralyzes the enemy. Join us today as we pray and fast together concerning this pandemic. Data indicates that we may still be at least two weeks out from the peak of this pandemic. We pray for a new, low trajectory of infections and deaths. We pray for multiplication and delivery of more than enough supplies at every level. Let’s lift up our voices together to knock out the demonic wind behind this virus as we cry out for mercy for America and every nation.

God of Angel Armies, let loose Your angelic glory force on our behalf. We see the reports on the ground, and we ask for a new, better report from heaven. Let Your kingdom come! Be demonstrated in breakthrough, stamina, and miracles. Flatten the curve we pray. We stand in the gap against the spread of the virus. We apply the blood of Jesus to the gates of our cities. We pray for New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle, and every city where we live. We pray for Italy, Spain, the UK, Russia, and nations under seige by this pandemic. Stop the advance of this disease. Send help from Your sanctuary with signs and wonders to heal the sick and shield those at risk of exposure. Display Your power for the whole world to see. In the midst of this global pause of major areas of regular human activity, we ask that hearts turn to You in faith and prayer. Lord, transform this season of trial to become a turning point for triumph of the gospel and global awakening. Bring us out with silver and gold as a people called by Your name with not one feeble in our midst!


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Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, 4/2/2020