“You are a sleeping giant. You are now awakening. You may become a spiritual superpower in this country that can change not only America, but the world.” –Dr. Billy Graham at the 1975 Indian Evangelism & Christian Leadership Conference



Summer Mission:

The First Nations reservations are strongholds of captivity crying out for the gospel of the kingdom with signs and miracles. Whole regions of America are made up of reservations where many First Nations people subsist in third-world conditions that rival any we have seen in forty years of international, mission outreach.

This summer we are partnering with apostolic leaders to serve the Navajo community. Your gifts will provide air conditioning for elderly families on the Navajo reservation. We will also send a missions team to assist Ellson and Deborah Bennett in their annual outreach that draws thousands of First Nations people from around the region.

If you or your church would like to be a blessing to the First Nations, click on the donate button below to make a contribution to our First Nations Summer Mission. Now is the time for the sleeping giant to awaken!

Navajo Woman Receiving Salvati

Elderly Navajo woman receiving salvation at last year's gathering.